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ZW20-12 Series Outdoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker
Rated main circuit current
Rated current
The rated voltage
ZW20A-12 /T1250(630)-25 series outdoor high voltage ac vacuum circuit breaker (hereinafter referred to as circuit breaker) is an outdoor power distribution equipment with rated voltage of 12kV and three-phase ac 50Hz. It adopts vacuum arc extinguishing and SF6 gas as an insulating medium, and is an improved product of vacuum circuit breaker on ZW20-12 column.
Cabinet adopted the introduction of Japanese Toshiba VSP5 gas seal technology, explosion-proof, insulating structure, into the outlet conduit have improved the sealing, the overall sealing performance is good, internal filling of SF6 gas leakage, is not affected by the external environment: the spring operating mechanism to optimize the miniaturization design and the reliability, stability, and adopting straight moving main drive chain and multistage tripping system, operating reliability and stability than the domestic traditional spring operating mechanism for several times. The contact between the shaft and the sleeve of the main loop adopts the external foreign foreign minister's watch chain structure, and the contact resistance of the main circuit is small and the temperature is low. Therefore, the vacuum circuit breaker on the ZW20A-12 outdoor column is a non-maintenance product, which is a good product in the circuit breaker.
ZW20A-12 is more than ZW20-12, which also increases the flow protection, the mechanism spring energy storage instruction, and equipped with the air socket for secondary electrical connection, which is convenient to combine with the intelligent controller.
The excellent electrical and mechanical properties make the ZW20A-12 vacuum circuit breaker widely used. Is mainly used for open circuit, close to 10 kv power system, load current and short circuit current, suitable for transformer substation and industrial and mining enterprises for protection and control in power distribution system, more suitable for the place of frequent operation of power grid. This product is equipped with the controller, has the good reclosing function, can meet the power distribution automatic system requirement.
This product meets the following standards:
GB1984 high voltage ac circuit breaker.
Common technical conditions of GB/T11022 high voltage switch equipment and control equipment standard.

Technical specification
Rated voltage: 12
Rated frequency: 50
Rated current: 630, 1250
Mechanical life: 10000 times
Rated operating sequence: O-0.3S-CO-180S-CO
Rated operating voltage: AC/DC220
Weight: about 140
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